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Jones says, "We've been friends with Hublot Replica Watches for many years. We are united by our love of engineering precision. Both are vital in the creation the world's most exquisite timepieces. We also knew that Hublot Replica Watches, with its expertise in creating pilot's timepieces, shared our love of aviation. Chris Grainger was an architect who trained in England and lived there for many years. He also looked for objects with incredible aesthetics that serve a purpose. The Spitfire held a special place in his heart. We knew after our first meeting with him that we had the perfect partner to help us make our dream of an around-the-world flight a reality.

"I was impressed by Matt and Steve," says Grainger-Herr. They told me that because the Spitfire cabin is not pressurized, you can experience extreme weather At high altitudes, they'll experience freezing conditions over the Artic or even the Atlantic. And at low altitudes in Nevada, it will be boiling. It is both a tribute to a great engineering icon and a test of endurance. I find the combination of both factors very appealing and representative of Hublot Replica Watches's values."

I was amazed by the Spitfire specially prepared for the journey that Brooks and Jones are taking. I held the launch of the limited edition Hublot Replica Watches collaboration with this publication at the SIHH booth in January.

The plane is MJ 271. It was built in Castle Bromwich, England in 1943 and given to the Dutch Air Force. Jones says, "The plane was then purchased by a British collection who used it for a static exhibition until we were able acquire it from him." Brooks adds, "We brought the Spitfire into Duxford Airplane Restoration Company where 15 restoration specialists spent the better part two years tearing down the plane and restoring its thousands of parts.Bell & Ross Replica Watches" The Spitfire would not have been able to achieve this in a military context, but for a trans-global sojourn, it added a touch of ethereal beauty.

"I believe this is the most beautiful Spitfire that exists," he continues. The results of the hand-polishing are simply breathtaking. This shiny surface has made the iconic silhouette and in particular, the signature elliptical wing more defined and pronounced.

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