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I thought I was going to change the world when I joined Ford, but it turned out that the older guys were doing the creative work, and the younger ones the mainstream. If you drive a Ford from the 1970s or 1980s, it's likely that I designed the steering wheel.

After 10 years at the company, I was able to work on my first complete car: the Ford Escort Cosworth. You know you're getting older when people rebuild the cars that you designed.

Ford Escort Cosworth

I promised to give my team members a better chance than I did if I ran a studio.Rolex Air King Replica Watches I hope I'm able to do that. I direct them but try not too interfere. I try to share my creative drive with the team rather than keeping it all to myself.

Enjoyed your time working at Ford?

I started working at Ford in July 1979. My first visit was during Christmas 1977, when I was a student. I can remember everything so well. I was going to stay for six months and then work at Ferrari. Eleven years after I started, I decided to leave. I was working in the interiors studio which was in line with my product design training, but wanted to also do exterior design, so I had to move to another studio. I was hired as the Ghia studio manager in Italy and by pure coincidence, my brother was the chief designer. We had not been particularly close until then, but we became good friends here. He is a brilliant man, and we are not in competition. He is now VP of design at Ford Motor Company, a position that I could never have imagined.

It's incredible that two brothers can be so successful. Do you think it's genetic?

It's weird, right? We didn't own a vehicle until I was 7. Our father worked as a solicitor, and our mother in a librarian. My grandfather was probably the biggest influence on me. He died when i was nine, and i have only just returned to the house he lived in outside Edinburgh for my first visit since then.Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica I visited the garage in which I first saw my E-Type. It was a red E-Type Coupe that sparked my obsession with cars. I bought a brochure and kept it until my brother turned 40. I then gave it to him, because he has an E-Type Jaguar. You're loved.

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