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Crikey! The Ferrari 250 GT SWB is one car I would love to have, but will probably never own because it's too expensive. It's okay to admit that I love this car, it is a classic and it's beautiful. It was designed by Carrozzeria Scaglietti and built in 1960. Most people would choose the GTO but I prefer it. In addition, I get to drive cars I'm working on. I'd like to have the F-Type and I-Pace as my dream cars.

Yes, I am a member of the electric club. It's an entirely different car, and I believe we have surpassed our competitors. Jaguar is a highly innovative company. It built the fastest sports car in the world for ten years and also produced the 1968 XJ which is refined, silent, svelte. Replica Watches has two sides: a luxurious side with silk carpets and a sportier side. The I-Pace is both. It's a fantastic car, both in terms of performance and quietness.

It was the most freedom that I've ever had in a car. The brief was given: the car had to have four wheels, an in-between battery, and a specific length. After that, we were free to do whatever we wanted, as there were no gearboxes or drive shafts to package. I always wanted to create a sporty car for my family, but it was impossible before as sports cars have their engine at the rear. This platform allowed us to create something truly unique.

What was the inspiration behind Jaguar's electric car?

There was a real desire to create a product with zero emissions. The company realised that this was the right decision. I believe that all car companies will produce electric cars in the near future, as they are quite fast and mechanical cars won't be able to keep up. The world will eventually go electric, and I believe the tipping point is in the next decade.

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What is your career history with Jaguar? How did you get to Jaguar and what was the beginning of your career?

Since I saw the first E-Type Jaguar, I loved it. But in the 1980s Jaguar lost its way. Ford's purchase of the company was when I began to show an interest in it again. In 1990,Breitling Replica Watches I helped set up TWR Design. We worked with Aston Martin to design the DB7 and DB9 as well as the Vanquish, Project Vantage and Vanquish Vanquish.

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